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As a first homebuyer or even second or third homebuyer, it can be overwhelming when you’re shopping for a property with so many options available. There’s the option to purchase an established home, build one, or buy a brand new property. Among the three, buying a new property, especially a turn-key property makes a lot of sense if you want a process that’s smooth and easier on your finances. Here are some of the great reasons why a turn-key home could be the perfect fit for you:

1. Fixed price

Possibly one of the biggest draw cards of a turn-key home is its fixed price. This removes the concern of unexpected costs that you may experience when building your own property. Starting from scratch has a lot of unknowns in the process, from setting the budget through to completion of the project often bringing challenges that could be avoided. Turn-key homes provide a solution where you know from the onset what costs are involved.

2. Beautiful, timeless design

Turn-key homes are all about making your life easier, this rings true when it comes to designing your home. When you choose a turn-key property, the design has been taken care of by experienced professionals who are experts in their field. You can then focus on choosing furniture that complements your brand new property.

The design of turn-key homes are created with a broad range of tastes in mind. The benefit of this is that you are most likely to find one that matches your style.

3. Shiny and new

Buying a turn-key property means that you are buying a brand new home. This comes with a lot of benefits such as avoiding repair costs that are usually associated with pre-owned properties. From the doors to the plumbing, everything ‘works’ enabling you to move in with peace of mind.

Plus, builders guarantee their work. In case there are signs of poor workmanship in the property, these will be fixed at no cost to you. 

4. Easier financing

If you’re a first home owner and are borrowing from a bank, it’s highly likely that your application will be approved when you choose a turn-key property. The reason is that this type of property is a safe option for lenders, especially since as we mentioned earlier, these properties are guaranteed by builders for a set number of years.

5. Faster move-in

When you choose to build your own property, it can take many months before it’s ready for you to move in. That’s often not the case with a turn-key property as you may find a property that is ready to go or has a highly predictable construction completion date making it a lot faster for you to send ‘save the date’ invitations for your house-warming.

6. Enjoy big savings

First home owners also receive a $10,000 grant plus a waived stamp duty fee when buying a turn key home or building a home. This translates to several thousands of dollars in savings, an attractive benefit for first home buyers.

Less stress, great savings, faster move-in. These are just some of the great reasons why buying a turn-key home can make a lot of financial sense. For more information on purchasing one, contact us to talk to an expert today.