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Do you have a client who is a small business owner and looking to grow their business, purchase business equipment or complete a fit out? We have access to lenders offering loan products in which the small business owner can use the equity in their business, home or commercial property to help finance their business goals.

It is possible to get an excellent interest rate for your client’s business loan if they use residential property as security, as opposed to just relying on the equity in their business.  While many lenders will still refer your client to business banking and charge a higher rate, some lenders will consider giving discounts more in line with home loan rates.  In addition, we have access to lenders who are offering extremely competitive rates on business loans secured by commercial property.

We know which lenders are most suitable for your client and their personal situation. With extensive knowledge of lender policy and advice from an expert in the industry, your client will benefit by getting the most appropriate finance solution for their circumstances.

We are also able to assist clients who have an ATO debt or need to refinance existing business debt.

If you or someone you know is looking to fund business growth or refinance business debt, speak to Launch Finance today.