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Andrew Boyle from Focus Products share his hot tips in getting your pool ready for the warmer months.

As we come into spring, it is now time to think about getting your pool ready for the warmer months ahead.

With your pool, there are 3 categories you need to achieve in maintaining your pool:

  1. Making it healthy & safe to swim in
  2. Making it look good
  3. Protecting your investments

In order to achieve the above things, the first thing you need to do is to check the filtration circulation. Have a look at your pump, filter and chlorinator to check for any leaks. Also you should turn the system on and check that the pressure is fine and that everything is running as normal.

In regards to the chemistry of the water, in order to get the pool healthy and safe for the summer months ahead, make sure it is santisied and you have used Algaecide chloride. We recommend 1/2 parts per million in winter and 2/3 parts per million in summer. We also recommend using copper based Algaecide every three months, which is will eliminate algae for a longer time.

Finally, you should shock the waste regularly by oxidising the water which will remove any other contaminants that may be evident.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a happy and safe swimming summer.

Focus Products provide a full service and product solution to the swimming pool and spa markets. 

Andrew Boyle was introduced by Steve Milligan, director and Finance Manager of Launch Finance.