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Our brokers have 70+ years worth of combined experience in finance broking and have built a wealth of networks to help our clients secure the best possible investments for their situation. Launch Finance recently assisted a retired couple in successfully purchasing an investment property with a company title.

The retired couple faced several issues, including identifying a lender that would accept a company title, a lender that would accept income generated from a super fund for servicing purposes and a limited time frame to work with to ensure we would meet the financial clause. Our broker assisted the couple in identifying a lender who would accept the company title as an acceptable security and also use the income generated from the client’s super fund to service the loan.

Our broker used their wealth of connections to speak directly with the credit manager to ensure the lender would consider the application prior to lodging it. We then called upon the credit manager to review the application post submission and sign off on it. The couple achieved a competitive investment loan to secure their new investment property and continue towards their broader investment goals of purchasing an investment property with a company title.

Launch Finance employed their wealth of knowledge and advice to the clients’ situation to assist them in securing their loan. Without the assistance from our broker, the couple would not have been able to meet the financial clause on the contract and would not have had direct access to the credit manager who signed off on the deal.

Investment property loans can often be confusing and difficult to understand, that’s why our brokers at Launch Finance employ their 70+ years of combined experience to assist our clients in overcoming obstacles and connecting them with the right person for their situation.