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shutterstock_183698213Have you got a large debt with the ATO? Launch Finance can help you draw down funds from your existing property’s equity to pay off the debt and save hundreds in ATO interest rates.

Lodging a tax return with ATO every year can be a time consuming and complicated task, especially for those who are self employed, and often there are large sums of money to be paid. If you are in this situation and are self-employed, Launch Finance can assist you in finding a lender to refinance your ATO payment arrangements using the equity of your home.

You have the ability to draw upon up to 85% of the value of your property, which will allow you to clear your ATO debt and then pay off the amount you borrowed at a considerably lower interest rate compared to the tax office interest arrangements.

Self-employed individuals often don’t have the same steady cash flow that employed people do. This finance option allows you to clear your ATO debt using your home as security, and benefit from significantly lower interest rates. Speak to a Launch Finance broker about accessing these funds today.