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Financial Goals and Who Needs Them?

Financial Goals

A financial goal is just like any other life goal. It’s a target you want to aim for. A financial goal relates to saving money and is the key to success when managing your finances and wanting to get ahead. Examples of financial goals are: Buy a house Pay off your mortgage Go on a […]

Self Employed? 6 Steps to Home Deposit Saving

Launch Finance - Self Employed? 6 Steps to Home Deposit Saving

Are you self-employed and finding it challenging to save a house deposit when your income fluctuates month to month? The reward of owning your own home will be all the more rewarding knowing you have made every penny count to achieve your goal. One of the best ways you can position yourself for a favourable […]

Buying at Auction – 10 Step Finance Checklist

Launch Finance - Buying at Auction – 10 Step Finance Checklist

Buying at auction can present great opportunities for homebuyers, but can also come with some inherent risks for those home buyers who are not prepared. One of the unique elements of buying at an auction “under the hammer” is that typically there is no finance clause associated with your offer. That means, if you need […]

Planning Your Way to Financial Freedom

Launch Finance Planning your way to financial freedom

People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan… let’s explore how you can plan your way to financial freedom. Having a large tax debt looming over you is a daunting prospect, and in many cases, this occurs through a lack of financial management. Learn from the experience of one of our clients the importance […]