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Fixed Rate Home Loan Expiring Soon?

What is a fixed rate home loan? A fixed rate home loan is an interest rate on your home loan rate for a set period of time. This means that your loan repayments will not increase or decrease if the home loan interest rate market changes. During the Covid19 pandemic and soon after, fixed rate […]

Offset Accounts

Many people have an offset account linked to there home loan however some still don’t use it to full effect. Your offset account is a normal transaction account which can help you save interest over the life of your home loan. It does not earn interest like other transactional accounts. Check out our pointers below […]

How to tell if it’s time to refinance

Launch Finance Refinance Your Mortgage

Just because your mortgage has a 20-30 year term, it, doesn’t mean you have to stick with it until it is fully repaid. At any stage you have the option to refinance your home loan. This means you can reborrow the money owing from a new lender at a lower interest rate, saving you money […]

Financial Goals and Who Needs Them?

Financial Goals

A financial goal is just like any other life goal. It’s a target you want to aim for. A financial goal relates to saving money and is the key to success when managing your finances and wanting to get ahead. Examples of financial goals are: Buy a house Pay off your mortgage Go on a […]

Keys to Saving for a Home Deposit

piggy bank savings on top of Australian dollars

It’ll take more than giving up your Netflix subscription or those daily coffee runs to save for a home deposit but knowing what your spending your money on is crucial to successfully growing your savings account. KNOW Where Your Money is Going With cashless payments, credit cards and AfterPay, it’s very easy to lose track […]