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When growing up, did you ever dream about owning a beautiful home with a lush front garden and backyard pool? That dream of yours was probably set aside as you became more realistic when purchasing your first home. Here at Launch Finance, we want to make your dreams come true by helping you achieve your goals! Here’s how our latest client success story begins…

What was the situation?

Two years ago, a client reached out to us looking to have their finances reviewed. They were thinking about upgrading and retaining their existing property as an investment. However, they didn’t have the required genuine savings and serviceability to obtain a loan for the house of their dreams.

What finance solution did we provide?

Our expert Launch Finance broker looked at their current financial situation, and together with the clients, created a tailored savings plan and cashflow budget.  The idea was for the clients to implement and follow the plan over the next few years with a view to repositioning their financial situation.

What were the benefits?

Two years after implementing the plan created specifically for them, our client’s position and serviceability has improved drastically! They are now in a position to start looking for their dream home in their preferred location, knowing they are able to obtain finance and afford the loan they need.

At Launch Finance, we tailor our services according to your goals and circumstances, and we strive to help your achieve your dream home. Contact your broker today on (08) 9367 4222[email protected] or fill out the form on this page to arrange an appointment and we can let you know your options!