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shutterstock_231612382Here at Launch Finance, we understand the importance of a budget, however we also understand that modern day life keeps us busy and sometimes expenses become harder to track. With these expenses adding up it can make it difficult to work towards saving for that next big ticket item you’ve had your eye on, but with a little help from some key finance apps you’ll be well and truly on your way. We have sought out the best budgeting apps because we know you’re busy. So read on, download and save.


Wally is a free app for both iOS and Android users. The app is simple to use and visually pleasing, giving users the option of either scanning in receipts or manually typing them in. Information is presented within the app in breakdowns of daily, weekly or monthly spends and allows you to set savings goals. It also adapts to your spending habits and identifies how to help you reach your own goals. Finally, the best part? It’s free.


Intuits Mint app is widely used and praised due to its ease of use. Available for both iOS and Android, it allows the user to connect the app to their bank apps, so it automatically tracks your spending habits for you. It also allows users to create a personalised budget and you are alerted when you get too close to your allowance. The app is perfect for basic budgeting with everything displayed in user-friendly tables and figures.

Money Health Check

Money Health Check created by Money Smart, allows users to view a personalised version of their own spending habits and goals based upon targeted financial questions asked when signing up. The app is free, and available on iOS and Android. The app tells users what areas they need to improve on and which areas contain minimum concern. At the end of the series of questions, the app allows for users to see which areas they are excelling in, what areas require attention and how to minimise any gaps in spending that the app identifies.

Track My Spend

Another app created the Australian Government to help people manage their spending habits. The app is a simple design and allows users to set spending limits based upon weekly or monthly goals. The app also allows for users to separate spending categories into needs and wants, allowing for the users to see where they could actually be saving money. It’s also available for both iOS and Android users.

There you have it, our top recommendations to get a hold on your savings and get you going in the right direction for your next big purchase. Don’t forget to talk to us if you are looking for some advice, we can help find the right loan to suit you.