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shutterstock_152849138The debate surrounding when to sell your house has raged on for decades. Generally in the Summer families are away on holidays and in the Winter people are less likely to come out into the cold, wet weather. Likewise, people are generally kept busy in Autumn when school goes back for the year, therefore leaving Spring as the ideal time to put your house on the market. With this in mind, we have compiled a few tips to help you get your house in top shape for the Spring selling season!

Strategically Choose Your Agent

The first tip when looking to sell your house this Spring is to find the best Real Estate agent. Do this by going to a few home opens in the area and approaching the 3 most engaging and proactive agents that you come across. Invite your shortlist of agents to your home for an appraisal and choose the best. Once you’ve locked in your agent, use their industry knowledge to gauge what the local target market is demanding at present. This will allow you to pinpoint those standout aspects of your home, enabling you to play to your strengths on inspection day. Finding out what the average listing prices are, and how much your house should be priced at, will also safeguard you from scaring prospective buyers away.

Ensure First Impressions Count

When looking at making a good initial impression, the first aspect of your house that people will look at is the exterior. With this in mind, ensure your front lawn is neat and tidy, give the outside a fresh coat of paint, fix any dead patches in the grass with some fertiliser and give the garden a good makeover. The best flowers to plant in Spring for maximum effect are daffodils and tulips because yellow is associated with happiness and optimism. Also be sure to trim any branches that will stop the flow of natural light throughout your home.

Help Buyers Envisage A Life In Your Home

With some extra interior design styling, your home will be more inviting to potential buyers. Consider hiring a stylist to give you some ideas on presenting each room of your home in the best way possible. Often, rearranging furniture and making the most of the natural light in the room can transform a living area and help buyers envisage a happy life in your house.

Clean, Declutter & Store Excess Items

Needless to say, thoroughly cleaning your home is essential when putting it on the market. However go that extra step further and pack away anything that isn’t absolutely essential in the room. Decluttering is a great way to make a room look bigger and more inviting – plus the minimalist look is very modern and can elevate your home to make it appear newer than it is. Also ensure that you find adequate storage for your excess items away from the home. A room full of stacked boxes with your extra possessions in will give the buyer the idea that there is not enough storage space in your home and will deter them from wanting to purchase your home.

Finally – one last insider’s tip from the experts is to brew a fresh pot of coffee or tea on inspection day to give the home a smell of comfort and a welcoming feel!