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Property valuations are essential when obtaining a home loan and have become increasingly more important as the property market fluctuates. An individual home price value is dependent on many factors and the astute property owner is quick to ensure that every aspect of their property is optimized for maximum return when selling or leasing.

Launch Finance Advantage

Here at Launch Finance, we have access to upfront valuations through multiple lenders, which allows us to check on our client’s property values prior to submitting any home loan applications. This helps clients when it comes to their loan to value ratio. If a client is really close to a loan to value ratio which would mean being able to choose a home loan with a lower interest rate, we can help the client plan accordingly with their home loan to get them the best possible outcome.

Benefits over going direct to a Lender

Many lenders also have their own valuation tools, which allow valuations to be carried out externally through a licensed valuer or an in-house online valuation, however we have access to dozens of valuation tools to ensure you get the most accurate value.

Can Your Clients Benefit?

We can help any existing home owner looking to get an understanding of what their property is worth prior to making any submission for new lending. It is worth asking your clients these questions:

If they answered yes to any of the above points, then get in touch with us. We will organise an obligation free initial consultation to understand their current position and see if we can assist them with our upfront valuation tools.