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We recently assisted a husband and wife who had separated on good terms and were looking to divide their assets equally. One of the main issues before them was that they held three investment properties together and wanted to divide the assets between them. The difficulty in doing this was that the assets provided security for various loans, which made it difficult to separate the loans and properties to the individuals.

In order to determine the best way to help both clients save money and time, we conducted a thorough assessment of their situation. We determined that their current lender was not looking after them, so we directly approached the lender first to discuss options.

Upon discussions with the existing lender and various other alternative lenders, we negotiated a plan for the clients for the next 10 years to establish a comfortable lifestyle for each client.

We are proud to say that we managed the process with each of the lenders simultaneously, which ensured all settlements and disbursements of the properties occurred on the same day.

Both clients received their settlements and in addition to that, we saved them a combined $12,000 per annum in interest and fees.

Launch Finance conducts regular reviews of our customer’s loan portfolios to ensure our clients aren’t paying unnecessary interest and fees and to ensure their loans continue to suit their lifestyle.